So what started it all? 


This theme of helping the WOMAN, standing beside her, and being that person that goes in between for her, has been following me now for a while. It all started when I worked in Thailand for two years, helping women and girls who were at risk or trafficked into the sex industry there. This time changed me forever. Since then I have traveled other places in the world witnessing and seeing what it looks like when a woman has no voice. My heart's cry is advocating for women and more specifically women’s health.

 I want to do this for women everywhere. My hope is that through my doula services and now midwifery practice that woman feel seen, heard, and loved. I think the most revolutionary thing me can do as birth protectors is actually see the person across from us. See them and extend love.

  • I was born and raised in the Appalachian mountains in Asheville NC. And there is just something about these mountains, they will forever feel like home.

  • After college and getting my Bachelors in Education, I found myself itching to see the world. Traveling has always been very important for me. Learning about other cultures and other ways of life soothe me.

  • I am married to an amazing man, I mean honestly I can't even come up with the words for this man. We have been together now fourteen years. I hope at some point you get to meet him, because he's just that awesome.

  • We are currently living in a tiny house on wheels, that we built. Well, when I say we, I mean mostly my husband. We absolutely did not know anything before we started and watched countless Youtube videos and read countless articles to help us build this thing. It's worked! I am so in love with our house. Conscious living and living small is really important to us.

  • I try to Love everyone that comes into my path, because I realize that life can completely change from the Love you give or don't give.